Friday, May 29, 2009

Stuff and Stuff

I haven't been blogging much lately because I just haven't felt like I've had a lot to say. Then I got to thinking about it and if you add up all of the little things going on, there is kind of a lot going on. Here in no particular order are recent highlights:
* My publisher decided to get a little fancy on the Dirty Little Secrets chapter titles and I love them. Still can't show you all yet ;(
*I'm working on a book trailer for Six O'clock in San Francisco. If you don't know what one is, you will when I post the finish product.
*I should be getting a typeset copy of Dirty Little Secrets in the next two weeks. I can't wait!
*We scheduled our annual camping trip. In August. I couldn't get out of it.
*I got an email from a wickedly cool possible freelance client - I'll let you know who when it comes in for reals.
*Despite all of my protests, I'm Twittering. But only because I got hired to. Yes, I'm a Twitter whore. A Twore?
*We got rid of the turtles (to a good place - no, we didn't make soup). Never, ever pick a new pet lightly. Especially one that is dirty and smelly and lives something like 50 years.
*We are going to leopard gecko-sit for the third grade class this summer to see if we want to get one of our own. See turtles above.
* We picked our first yellow squash from the garden today. Gotta love California in May.
*My son's baseball team is now out of the cellar in the wake of the death of Coach Mike and currently resides in third place - Go Brewers!

I'm going to try to blog more often. Even if I have nothing interesting to say.

On this date: In 1903, Bob Hope was born.


Natalie said...

You always have something interesting to say, Cyn. :-) Don't stop!

cynjay said...

You're too nice!