Monday, May 4, 2009

We're Gonna Miss You Coach Mike

We lost my son's baseball coach, Mike Shannon, over the weekend to a short and unexpected illness. He wasn't just a baseball coach, he was the motivator and the jokester that had the kids learning the game while they laughed at his antics. He didn't even have a kid on the team - he did it for his nephew - but he put his heart and soul into the games, and more importantly, into the kids. New parents weren't sure what to make of Coach Mike - he'd stand on the sidelines and yell about how his grandmother could hit harder than that. One parent commented about how harsh he was - "See how they're all laughing at him?" was my reply. The kids knew what he was about. He never talked down to them and made them all feel important.

He was the kind of coach who would call in the off season just to see how things were going. He'd show up to J's soccer games in the fall just to keep in touch and encourage him in whatever sport he was playing. Mike was a fantastic coach and one in a million. The season is never going to be the same.

We miss you Coach Mike.


Shelli said...

he is ok though right? by lost - you mean he left the position? Sorry :(

cynjay said...

No, unfortunately he died at age 49 - way too young.

Shelli said...

:( sorry I could not tell from the post and was hoping he moved on to another position. :(