Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hoarding in the Media

This morning, the Today Show had Cynthia Lester on, a filmmaker who did a documentary on her mother's hoarding disorder called My Mother's Garden. This is the link to the Today Show clip. When I was writing Dirty Little Secrets, I watched the trailer for the film over and over and used her mother's reactions and rationalizations when I was working on the mom character in the book.

It is fascinating and heartbreaking and I'm so excited that the entire film is being aired on April 5th at 10pm Eastern on MSNBC. I've already set my TIVO and I can't wait. Cynthia did an amazing job with what I've seen of the film and it's astonishing what she's done. One of the hallmarks of hoarding is that it touches so many people, but nobody talks about it. People like Cynthia are slowly breaking down these secrets. Check it out!

On this date: In 1970, AMC introduces the Gremlin (we had a Pacer). That's not an April Fool's joke!

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Shelli said...

sounds interesting - thx :)