Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not Tweeting

I'll be the first to admit I'm not an early adopter. I just got a laptop two years ago (which I love) and it took me ages to get online (ditto - my whole work life is online). My aversion to cell phones is legendary and I can't text anything at all. Ever. I actually have a fourteen year old girl on retainer to translate anything I need to write as a text message in a book. I'm pretty okay on Facebook, and I've started using the Flip video to send videos of little league games when DH is out of town so I'm not completely useless.

I don't tweet or follow anyone on Twitter and I'm not planning to anytime soon. I'm standing firm in my stance to dodge the popularity of this particular technology. The claim to fame for Twitter is that Ashton Kutcher now has a million followers. I don't care enough about Ashton Kutcher (or anyone else outside of my immediate family) to know what they are doing every second of every day. Or even every day. Or every week. Maybe if they came up with a yearly synopsis, I'd sign up.

I may look back on this whole thing in two years when the entire world is tweeting and kick myself for waiting so long. On the other hand, I may sigh with relief six months from now when the whole Twitter thing has gone away. Friendster anyone?

In the end, while Facebook, Myspace (for the younger set) and even (ahem) blogging are a great way to stay in touch, they are really a way to avoid the hard work of actually sitting down, opening the laptop file and writing my daily allotment of words on my work in progress.

Which is what I really should be doing right now.

On this date: In 1895, the first movie was projected in the United States.


Shelli said...

oh I am just getting into twitter not as much as individuals as the articles, tips, and tweets agents and publishing houses send out.

cynjay said...

I get that as a good use - I just think I'm on TMI overload.

Robin said...

I'm with you on this one. I don't have enough time in the day to even keep up with my own grocery list.


Candace said...

Blasphemy! I hella love twitter! It's a great way for me to be able to keep in touch with my long-distance friends and I can get real-time updates from them so I know what's going on. But it does take some getting used to, and it sucks up a lot of time.