Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Name Game

Sometimes a character's name comes to you easily and sometimes it's like they're hiding it from you in a sadistic game of cat and mouse. For my WIP (which is more W than P at the moment), I hit on the girl's name way before I started pulling everything else together: Jordan. It fit her perfectly (honestly I was listening to The Great Gatsby on audiobook and the Jordan character jumped out at me) - sort of straightlaced, TypeA parentpleaser. The male MC's name has been a struggle. All I know about him is that his parents are nature-types that have made it big in the natural-foods business and have a very relaxed attitude toward parenting.

For a few days I thought his name was Kai. Perfect - it means "ocean man" in some language (I've forgottten which) a little nature-bound without being too wierd. Then I pictured him in action and Kai just didn't quite fit. So I started writing other names down: Sage, River, Zen, Pax, Vaughn and Micah to name a few. It's not so much that you decide on a name for them as you hold up names to their character and see if they fit. We've been working with another name for a few days now that better stick, as I'm tired of writing X in my notes whenever I come to him.

Oh, which name did we use? You'll just have to read the book to find out ;)

On this date: In 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist fire in NY.

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