Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Future Illustrator?

T has taken up drawing, and I mean really taken it up. After he "goes to bed" at night, he quietly spends an hour or two drawing bugs. Right now, it's just bugs because he's got a bug book and he looks at the book while he draws the pictures. I think I have to get him a book about something else soon.

I love this kind of stuff because I didn't figure out what I was good at until I was 38. All I had was a list of "can'ts". Can't sing, can't dance, can't draw or paint, don't like cooking, cubicles make me break out in hives and acting makes me throw up, There is a temptation to leap on every hint of talent or interest, so you have to walk a fine line between encouragement and smothering. In a way, I wish I'd figured out the whole writing thing a lot earlier and I hope they find their passion early in life.

Not bad for a (just turned on Sunday) nine-year old though.

On this date: In 1933, FDR was inaugurated.

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