Friday, March 13, 2009

Magic Binders

Ain't it pretty? This is my brand new story binder for the YA that I'm starting. Each story gets its own binder, and getting a new one is a lot like the first day of school. The edges aren't crumpled and its pages are white and pristine, just waiting for brilliant ideas. I don't actually write the book in the binder (my handwriting is illegible) but its the place for notes, name ideas, character studies and research. It has to have a pocket in the front for all of the stuff that I print out on the computer.

Each binder also reflects the story I'm using it for. The binder for Dirty Little Secrets was plain and black because that's how the story felt. As you can see, this story is a lot lighter - romantic and fun with a twist.

On this date: In 1781, Uranus was discovered.


janee said...

I love this idea.

I'm curious, at what point in your idea process do you get the binder? Have you ever had a story change direction mid-binder and have the cover no longer reflect the mood of the piece?

cynjay said...

Good question - I had to really think about it. I've never had a story change mood that drastically - if it starts as an edgy YA, it tends to stay an edgy YA. I do put in a lot of ideas that I never use - that's why I get pretty big binders! It's fun to look back on some of the notes after the fact and see how the story and the characters have changed over time.