Thursday, May 1, 2008

Easy Research

So I found myself behind the snack bar at the baseball field last night. If it is a coldish, windy night, there are worse places to be - plus I can peek out the fencing at the game when the cheering gets loud. Last night was particularly beneficial because of my snack bar partner. I found myself next to a very cute seventeen year old girl who is a senior in high school. We chatted a little bit about community college vs a university and which middle schools were the best. Then the fun part happened. Her sister and two other friends came by, and in between doling out Gatorade (why oh why do they make TWO kinds of blue Gatorade?) and Slim Jims I got to eavesdrop on some great conversations.

They talked about their boyfriends, school, myspace, their boyfriends, how cute each other looked, cell phones, skanky girls who were after their boyfriends, one of the teachers at school, and then a little more about their boyfriends. I could have chimed in and told them what to do when their boyfriends didn't call and stayed out all night. I had some great advice about why they put up with all of the garbage from the men in their lives, but I just grinned and listened. When they started talking about what to do when they find pictures of skanky girls in their underwear on their boyfriend's cell phones, I had to actually leave for a moment to stop myself from jumping in. But it was all worth it. I got to sit and listen to late-teenager speak for over two hours just as if I was a fly on the wall.

As we were closing up, my snack bar partner turned to me an apologized for chatting with her friends the entire time (although she worked her butt off while she talked). I just grinned at her and said, "No problem. It's all research."

On this date: In 1967, Elvis married Priscilla.

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