Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Oooh, it's getting exciting around here. I've had some great feedback from some fabulous editors in the past week and it's so cool to see the different visions for the book. A lot of the comments are things that I want to broaden in the book and it's great to see when editors make comments and you say, "Oh, yeah - that is exactly what I wanted to get across." I'm getting itchy to start revising based on editor's comments, but until I figure out who I'm going to work with, I'm contenting myself with making furious notes in the margins. Hopefully I'll be able to focus my revisions within the next week or so.

The best thing about having Agent E drive this bus is that we get replies back really quickly. Publisher time moves at a notoriously glacial pace, and she was able to get feedback in a matter of days rather than the usual months. I feel spoiled by having comments on my manuscript so fast.

On another front, the granite counters go in tomorrow, and the rest of it should be finished up on Thursday. One of the things I'm most proud of in the remodel is this:

and not just because my beloved washer and dryer are lurking behind it. This was the original back door when our house was built in 1916 and we stripped it bare (yes, we were careful) and repainted it. It still has the original wavy glass and I bought a wonderful new porcelean doorknob set for it. I love it.

On this date: In 1992, riots erupt in LA.

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Kelly said...

Cool on the editorial comments, Cyn. Hope you settle on an editor soon!

(And, boy do I remember those riots.)