Wednesday, May 28, 2008

He's Now on CNN Restriction

J is 'graduating' from elementary school and came home with a giant folder full of stuff from the last several years. I'd forgotten about his poetry forays until I saw this again. Forgive me if you've seen this before, but here is an untitled poem from last year:

Anger breaks the morning
When war destroys the
peaceful city
Snow falls like cotton on the
bloody red floor
Newspapers hold the
knowledge of the battle
Memories clog your head
with sadness.

-J, aged 9

Still not sure if we should get the boy an agent or a really good therapist.

On this date: In 1944, Gladys Knight was born.

4 comments: said...

Hey Cyn...go with the agent.

And by the way, I want to shoot your boys. They are beautiful individuals I am sure, but together they are stunning.

I'm sure you know that.

With the right light...I could do a wonderful thing.

Where in N.Cal do you live?

Patrick Works
I got the Diddley E string from John Burkhalter...who got it from Bo.

cynjay said...

Pat with the Hat!!!!

If I didn't know you were a photographer, I might be worried.

I'm so going to email you...

Natalie said...

As a teacher of 9-year-olds, I say definitely go with the agent. :-)

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

Yeah, I'm going with agent too.

For the good of all people literate.