Monday, May 5, 2008

Why I Didn't Hate Iron Man

Being the mother of two boys, I've seen my share of simulated explosions in this lifetime. I'll be the first to admit that I don't really get the whole "boy" thing. I was told long ago by a two year old that I didn't play trains right - DH explained that I lacked passion. Passion? It's tracks, trains and wheels. What passion?

Mostly, I fobb the movies off on DH. Male bonding time, I say, then I get the whole house to myself for a couple of hours on a weekend. There was grumbling that I never go, so to keep family harmony I went with them to see Iron Man yesterday. Now I was not that into the beginning - wayyyyy to much action and exploding and if you ask me, the whole thing was too much for an eight year old (DH assured me that it was fine). I do have to say, I was the only one in line for popcorn during that part of the film. When I got back there was a brief but too-graphic-for-little-kids bedroom encounter where I found myself leaning forward and covering T's eyes. Yes, I really did that in the theater. For all that, I didn't hate the movie.

For one thing, Jon Favreau directed, and I love Jon Favreau. Elf is right up there with Spinal Tap and Harold and Maude as of my all-time favorite movies. Then Robert Downey Jr. came on and reminded all of us moms in the audience why we thought he was all that back in the 80s. The rest of the movie was actually really good and I wasn't wishing I was someplace else the whole time. Watch your little ones for the first ten minutes or so, then you can relax and enjoy Robert Downey Jr. Ahem. I mean, the movie.

On this date: In 1862 the Battle of Puebla occurred. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

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