Friday, July 13, 2007

Did You Know...

...that if you Google my name now, Six O'clock in San Francisco comes up on and! That is so cool! I was showing my mom some things on the internet when I came across this info. There is an ISBN number and everything! (Sorry for all of the !, but I'm pretty jazzed.)

We're still shooting for a Spring 2008 delivery. I'm hoping to see some of the art in the next month or two, which really has me biting my nails. Randy DuBurke, my illustrator, has done some great stuff in the past - we even had his title Catching the Moon before I knew who he was, so I'm more excited than nervous. It's all a lot like being pregnant - you know something is brewing, but you won't really believe it until you see it.

On this date: In 1985, the first Live Aid concert happened in London.

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