Friday, July 20, 2007

And the Earth Moved...

In advance of the big Harry Potter midnight release, the universe sent the Bay Area a pretty big earthquake at 4:42 this morning. Did I feel it? Youbetcha. Did the kids? J was up and in my room within seconds, but T and his sleepover friend just huddled in their sleeping bags and snored right through it. Being a (mostly) lifelong California resident, it's not that unusual, but this one was big enough to sit up and take notice.

So what did I take away from this? To live every day like it was my last? Well yeah, that, but also that I need to buckle down and finish my WIP so that I can sell it and get a new foundation so that the house will stay put during the big one. Nothing like the wrath of the universe to get you to sit down and open up that dusty file.

Happy HP day!

On this date: In 1987, my littlest sister was born. Happy Birthday Jess!

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