Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This N That

Mostly because I can't think of anything inspiring to say today, I'm directing you to my guest blog over at Author's Now! I'm doing this the 8th of every month and so far I haven't forgotten once. Check it out...

Lately, I've been watching Hoarders on A&E, Mondays at 10pm (sometimes 9pm too if they're running an old episode). One of my biggest fears is that Dirty Little Secrets is going to be viewed as exploitative, which was never the intent. The book is just one girl's story of living with hoarding in her life. So far, I think A&E is doing a pretty good job of balancing the incredible living situations with information on the disorder as the experts try to help the people with the disorder. My biggest complaint so far is that they make it look easy - come in, clean up the house, problem solved. As anyone with any familiarity with hoarding knows, problem not solved, maybe not ever. That said, anything that gets the disorder out into the light and gets people talking is a good thing, and they have some resource information at the bottom of their website.

For me, the first and best option for hoarding information is the Children of Compulsive Hoarders website. Unfortunately, the forums got too big for the servers recently, so it has been turned into a read-only site, but it's still amazing.

Oh, and I'm goin' to NYC! Yay. The hubs has been working out there, so I'm going to see him, spend some time in Manhattan, meet my editors/publicists for the first time and get a tour around both Walker and Clarion. Can't wait. Now, what to wear....?

On this date: In 1966, Star Trek premiered.

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Julie_c said...

NYC! Fun much! I bet you'll have a great time and I want to hear all about it!