Friday, September 11, 2009


Went outside to walk the dog this morning and the harbinger of change (also known as the oak tree in front of my house) sez that summer is almost over.

While part of me is grateful that the kids are in school and I might actually get some work done, the other part is not ready for the decline into the winter. As any parent knows, Halloween is the beginning of the end, so I've got a little over a month before I can really start kvetching.

In other news, I got a really amazing message from someone who read an ARC of Dirty Little Secrets the other day. There are a few ARCs out there (I've been told by my publicist that more should be going out in the next few weeks), but it is still startling to me to have someone who's not related to me/paid to read it, reading the book. I've been holding my breath about readers who have had hoarding touch their lives and their opinion of it. This reader had amazing things to say about it and what a raw experience it was for her, dredging up all sorts of emotions. I'm hoping that readers who will personalize the story find it an ultimately positive experience, but even more, that it opens the door for discussion about this all-too-familiar secret.

Have a great weekend!

On this date: In 2001 (was it really 8 years ago?) the World Trade Center was attacked.

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