Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If I Can Make It There...

Just got back from a whirlwind weekend trip to NYC. DH has been working out there quite a bit recently and I didn't want him to spend our anniversary alone, so I flew in on Friday and out last night, so that I could get in a quick trip to visit both editors for the first time.

I'd only been to NY once before, and that trip was all about kid-friendly eateries and where the nearest playground was located because of the one year old we had in tow at the time. This time, we were kidless (thanks to some impressive kid-wrangling by our fabulous friends and neighbors)and got to go and play in the city. So what did we do? Totally tourist stuff.

We went to Central Park:

and to the Museum of Natural History, although the kids all know it as that "Night At The Museum" place.

In the People of Africa hall, there was a display of Yoruba ceremonial costumes that brought back some terrifying childhood memories for DH, so of course, I'm thinking about making this shot into a poster:

We went to Times Square (I didn't notice the guy in the I heart NY shirt until today, but it looks like I meant to put him there):

and I got so freaked out by the sheer numbers of people that we had to repair to the top of the Penninsula Hotel for drinks. I then discovered that the higher off the ground you are, the more expensive the drink.

We did a lot of "running into stuff", which I guess is what NY is all about. We ran into some dancers in Central Park:

and a city-wide chess tournament by the fountain:

and the start of a mile-race that featured a runner named Lagat who is apparently quite famous and made DH very happy:

Unfortunately, we couldn't run fast enough to see the end. I got into taking pictures of the tiled subway signs because they are so cool:

On Monday, I showed up here:

which is where Walker/Bloomsbury is located. I got to spend time with my editor Mary Kate and Anna the publicist and then went a few blocks to Clarion/Houghton Mifflin to spend more time with my other editor Lynne and Jen the publicist. The whole experience made me feel like a real author talking books and stuff and stuff with the people in the biz. Plus I got to take some books with me (Jen Nadol's The Mark which is coming out next year has one of the best opening chapters I've read in ages). I was so jazzed to be there that I forgot to take any more photos. But it's a nice building.

The whole trip was totally worth sitting on the runway at JFK for two hours in the rain trying to get home last night. At least there was TV - go Jet Blue! Can't wait to do it again - spring break isn't all that far away...

On this date: In 1907, Gene Autry was born.


Julie_c said...

Woosh! Sounds like a great NY getaway, you fancy author, you!

Natalie said...

Fun! Happy anniversary. :-)

Shelli said...

wow that sounds awesome!

Crystal said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time in NYC! Congratulations on your debut PB & forthcoming YA title!