Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Teacher Guide

For all you teachers out there, we just posted an amazing teacher guide for When It's Six O'clock in San Francisco on my website. Created by the uber talented teacher/writer/friend/sometimes roomate Cassandra Whetstone, it has fun leveled activities for kids grades K-6 that correspond to most curriculum requirements. Cassandra rocks because she makes me look much smarter than I am.

Look over on the top right hand side of the blog. See where it says "resources"? Click there and it will take you to the teacher guide PDF. Download it, print it and use it as much as you want.

On this date: In 1985, the wreck of the Titanic is found.


Natalie said...

It looks fantastic, Cassandra and Cyn! I'll definitely pass the link around at my school. :-)

cynjay said...

Thanks Nat (for those who don't know, Natalie is also a fabbo teacher guide writer).