Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On the Road

So far, our trip has been great. Did I mention that through work channels we got to fly first class? I highly recommend it if only for the legroom. Me being a giant and all, first class is the only time that I haven't had to sit sideways in my seat so that my knees won't smash into the seat in front of me. Plus, when we got to DC, we hung in the secret lounge they have for fancy people. Here's DH trying to decide what he wants from the FREE food they have there. Yes, he was totally embarrassed that I was taking pictures in the lounge, but hey it was 6am and it was pretty empty after all.

Eventually, we ended up here.

It pretty much rocks, although it is populated by an alarming race of fuschia-skinned people who don't seem to have "SPF" in their language. They also have these crazy lizards in shades of turquoise and green. They are everywhere - I caught one dipping it's foot (paw?) in the pool this afternoon. It was quite hot out, so I didn't blame it one bit.

We went out to dinner tonight and they had fried Oreos on the menu. It had to be done. Had to.

So far, so good. Not getting a lot of work done though. Apparently, the laptop isn't waterproof.

On this date: In 1934, John Dillinger is gunned down.


Anonymous said...

Looks amazing, enjoy . The kids are terrific- it is so great to hang out with them- they are so fun and feel like family.We love u guys- Love K

Linda D. (sbk) said...

Fried oreos! Yum! We tried those for the first time this year at the Calgary Stampede. along with deep fried Coke. Yes, deep fried Coke.

And deep fried cheesecake, and pizza on a stick ... wow, I need to go on a diet.

Glad to see you're enjoying your vacation! Makes me want to go too. Anywhere, really.