Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If Writing Good Love Scenes is Wrong...

...I don't want to be right. I adore a good love scene in a book, particularly a young adult book. On the plane back from Aruba, I read this:

(It was a very long flight.) I'm a heel dragger. I admit that. The more popular something is, the more I resist doing it (ask anyone about my cell phone issues). I read Twilight because I knew I should and expected to not like it, so I was surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Who wouldn't like a love story with vampires? I loved this when it came out in the 80s:

although she lost me around the forth book because the whole 'rock star' thing got a little out of control.

The best love scenes are always the ones that are the firsts: first glance,first touch, first kiss, etc., which is why YA books are such great sources for love scenes. The YA I've been writing has a couple of great 'firsts' that still give me a thrill to read. When you're writing a great love scene, it's almost an indulgence because you can lose yourself totally in the moment without any of the guilt of cheating on your partner. It's been 15 years since I've had a first kiss, and frankly I never expect to have another one, but I still remember the crackling anticipation in the moments that lead up to the first contact with the object of your desire. Getting to create the perfect "first" moment is one of the best perks of the job.

On this date: In 1818, Emily Bronte was born.

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