Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lousy Excuses

Someone in my real life (hi Dad) mentioned that I haven't been blogging as much lately. I'm sure you're all disappointed ;) Truth is, I'm just trying to get through the remodel (which is going very well thank you - photos to come), recover from a Spring Break spent at home and work on my revisions for the YA. I'm having to really focus on them to the exclusion of everything because some fun things are happening behind the scenes.

The funny thing is, I have such a narrow focus that I didn't even realize that one of my favorite things is this Saturday - a writer's conference! Yay! Not only do I get to leave the kids with DH and spend the entire day by my lonesome (and this conference is in Davis - over an hour away), but I get to soak up the writerly atmosphere and hook up with some friends. Just don't eat the tuna salad - they put grapes in it. Yech.

I also just got an email about another writer's conference in Berkeley in October - the best thing is that Agent E is going to be there! She's speaking at our local conference, which means we get some face time to talk about husbands, families, vacations and stuff. Oh yeah, books too maybe.

On this date: In 1902, the first American movie theater opened in LA.

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