Friday, November 16, 2007

Taking the Plunge

So I did it - I dove in today and wrote the first 2k of my new YA. I've been holding off getting into it, partly because it takes a while for the characters to gel enough to start writing, and partly because I'm waiting for Agent E's verdict on where the other YA rates on the crapometer. If it is going to need an overhaul, I don't want to be smack in the middle of something new - it's too hard to cross over. It's a lot like when Gil Grisham from CSI showed up on Without A Trace last week. Very disconcerting.

As I'm writing, I'm researching (I had to know what a person's face looked like after they'd been dead for oh, say, twelve to fifteen hours). If anyone ever stumbled on my laptop and checked the search history they'd be shocked. The upside is that Yahoo has everything. I got this as a pop up ad:
Find Holiday Bargains at Yahoo!
Low Prices on Face+of+Death!

Have a nice weekend!

On this date: In 1988, Benazir Bhutto is elected leader of Pakistan.


Natalie said...

Ha! Your holiday shopping worries are over, Cyn!

Linda D. (sbk) said...

Oh cool! I've been looking for a Face of Death! And to get one at a bargain price? I'll be set for the holidays!