Thursday, November 15, 2007

Playing Hooky

So yesterday we all caught a case of the Monterey-flu that has been going around. (Cough). The only cure for this is to take the kids out of school and head down the coast to Monterey Bay for the day. So in the name of health, and safety, we did.

Apparently, a random Wednesday in November is the best time to go, because it wasn't crowded at all. We went to the aquarium and saw some jellyfish:

And some more jellyfish:

And some more jellyfish (can you tell which part of the aquarium I like best?):

We sat and watched the fish feeding at 4pm. The boys thought this guy had the best job of all:

Actually, it wasn't just the jellyfish that called to us - it was my uncle too. He lives in Rhode Island and was in CA for business. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't seen anyone on that side of the family for over nine years - and I'm wondering why because it was really really great. He came up from LA with my cousin and we had a way too short dinner together.

The funny thing (and the one that confused the kids the most) was that we are all about 1/2 of a generation apart. I always pictured him in my mom's generation, but in fact, my uncle is only 11 years older than me. My cousin Jeff is 18 years younger than me, so he is slightly over 1/2 of a generation behind. The kids kept asking how we were all related, but I think they finally got it.

And Jeff, if you're reading this, live the dream a while longer. Your regular life will always be waiting. And I hope you come up to SF to visit soon!

On this date: In 1956, Elvis' first film Love Me Tender opened.

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