Monday, August 6, 2007

P is for...

On Saturday morning I went to Costco and got the Big Hairy Dog some of his favorite treats. Free range bully sticks. For those of you who don't have dogs, bully sticks are the end of the steer. I didn't find it particularly funny, and BHD didn't find it particularly funny (he just grabbed one and sat in the corner gnawing on it), but 10 year old J got hold of the package and collapsed in a heap of laughter. He finally showed me what was so funny. On the ingredients list was only one item: steer pizzle. Apparently, "pizzle" is one of the world's funniest words if you are a 10 year old boy.

Now, with all of the flap over scrotums with this year's Newbery winner, I'm wondering if "pizzle" will be on the radar. I'm going to have to try to work it into an MS somehow.

On this date: In 1945, the US dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

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