Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Excuses and Distractions

Sorry for the blog silence - we were up frolicking in the snow. Now I'm home frolicking with about 30 pounds of wet, dirty ski clothes. Such is the life of a not-really-famous writer.

We live about 3 1/2 hours from Lake Tahoe and for me the best part of going up to the snow is the fact that I get to leave when we're done. I can't imagine going through all the hassle that snow brings every day. I bow down to those who live in snow country.

While the kids were sledding, I decided to see if the whole rolling-a-snowball thing really worked. Apparently, it does. Except I don't know where to stop.

The ginormous snowball ended up as the bottom of a 6-foot tall snowman called Snowy. As I've said, I'm not good with names or titles. Quick, which is the hubby?

All of this is a major distraction to the fact that Dirty Little Secrets comes out in SIX DAYS! Ack! Interviews I've done are popping up around the web, including this one from Joelle Anthony that made me blush it was so nice and this great one by Julia Karr over at the Elevensies. There have been several reviews over the past few days and I really appreciate every single one. There is a giveaway organized by my publisher over on Goodreads that is on until January 31st. Get on over there if you want to win a free copy.

Now I just have to fill the next six days and decide how I'm going to spend next Tuesday. Should I get the kids off to school and then crawl back into bed? Go to local bookstores looking for copies only to be disappointed when people have never heard of it? Celebrate by having lunch with a friend (anyone free around noon?)? How does one properly celebrate a book birthday?

On this date: In 1976, Laverne and Shirley premiered.


Indigo said...

I would be throwing the biggest spoil me party, my book is out. And I do mean something that you've been wanting to do and buy for yourself for some time. (Hugs)Indigo

jennadol said...

Well, I took the kids to the doctor with ear infections...settin' the bar nice & low for ya.

Seriously, it didn't matter at all what I did - it was a totally awesome day!

cynjay said...

Unfortunately, I already bought a "sold the book" gift - buying a "the book is out" gift seems to be a little too much. Guess I'll just have to sell another book one of these days...

Shelli said...

you deserve a day of spoil!