Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bad Reviews

I can read bad reviews no problem. As long as they are for somebody else's book.

With only 14 days to go (but who's counting - I'd get one of those countdown-widgety things but I'm sure I'd just sit staring at it) until DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS officially debuts, I'm furtively scanning the web for my first bad review which I will then attempt not to read under any circumstances. I'm right in the middle of my WIP (which is going swimmingly, thanks for asking) and that first scathing review will cause me to doubt every word that comes out of my laptop. But I know it will come. And I will crumble.

I have a confession to make - I read the bad reviews that other YA books get. A lot of them are the result of people in a bad mood, or people who don't understand YA or people who are just so depressed about their own writing that they can only lash out at someone who has a book in print. But some of them make valid points. Points about characterization or the pace of the plot. Points about love at first sight and the unrealistic expectation a lot of modern YA imposes on readers. Points that I'm trying to incorporate into my new book. I can learn a lot about writing from reading what isn't working for actual readers. As long as they're not talking about my baby.

In other news, pub house buddy Jen Nadol had her book birthday for the awesome The Mark today!

Yay! She's giving away all sorts of cool stuff on her blog, so if you want to win a free book or giftcard, head on over there and enter.

And in other other news, I also started Tweeting. I'm not very good at it, but feel free to follow me anyway. Just click on the link on the sidebar over there ------------------->

WIP Word Count: 39,951 ( That is ridiculous. I must get to 40k by the end of the day.)
Line of the day: I said nothing as he bent down and pressed his lips against mine in a kiss that felt like it was seventeen years overdue.

On this date:
In 1953, Lucy gives birth to Little Ricky.


Sherry @ Flipping Pages for All Ages said...

Haha love the pic and the line of the day! Here's to high hopes for no bad reviews! :)

Kristi Faith said...

I'm not anywhere near the publishing of anything I've written...yet I completely understand your fears! Heck, I worry about bad comments on my blog(i haven't gotten any, yet)but still wonder how I will handle it.

I guess we don't know completely until it happens, but at least you are allowing yourself to flip out a little now-maybe that will make it easier if it ever does happen. Though your book looks fabulous!

Julie_c said...

Sounds like you have a good attitude about how to "hear" a bad critique - although I know IF the time comes, you'll want to scratch some eyeballs out first. Or maybe that's just me? My first response to anything negative is "You're crazy!" Then slowly, I start to think about the suggestion. Sometimes I have an "Oh yeah, that coud work" moment and sometimes I stick with "You're crazy!" But as long as you keep writing - and I know you will - you'll be fine.

You're supposed to grow, after all. It would be sad if your first book turns out to be your best book, right?


cynjay said...

I'm not kidding myself - it's WHEN not IF. Nobody gets away scot free.

I actually internalize criticism - of course they're right! I can't write a shopping list, much less a whole book!
Thanks for the cheerleading Julie. Hold that thought for the next 13 days.

Shelli said...

im fairly confident that you will only get raving reviews :)

cynjay said...

Aw...thanks Shelli. Can I come cry on your blog when the first one comes in?