Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She Likes It!

Okay, I know I'm supposed to be a calm, cool, distant author-type, but dangit, someone likes Six O'clock and she's not even related to me! Really thrilled with the lovely review on Shelf Elf the other day - she really got what we were trying to do with the book. I hope that other teacher/librarian types see it and get a chance to use it in their work. Teachers rule!

In other news, I've finally updated my profile on GoodReads. Apparently, I've been a member since 2007, but I've reviewed a total of 0 books up to now. Slowly remedying that so that I don't look like a total slacker. One note, I don't put up bad reviews. If I don't like a book, I keep quiet about it. I don't like tomatoes at all, but lots of other people do, so who am I to bad mouth them? Also, even though I've been an adult for awhile (some people debate that fact) I don't read many adult books, so most of my reviews are YA with a few mid-grade thrown in for good measure. If you're on GoodReads, please friend me because I'm lonely.

Check this space tomorrow for some Thrills on Thursday (I just made that up, but it sounds good anyway). I may just have something to post that requires a drumroll. (No, not another book sale - yet.)

On this date: In 1994, Woodstock II (what, you forgot about this one?)

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