Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Away From Home (Again)

I did a "guest blog" post type thing today over on Kay Cassidy's website where I did a version of my "Nine Points for Plotting Fiction" article. For some of you who have been with me for awhile, it may be a repeat, but if not, it's a good way to go about writing a book. Kay is doing a series of posts by various authors on their writing style and it's always great to be a voyeur.

Kay is one of those people who makes me look like a slacker (ok, admittedly not that hard). Not only does she have a YA called The Cinderella Society coming out next year :

(love the little countdown thingy on the site, but I think I would just sit and watch it if I had one for DLS), her blog and website are always full of great interviews and information, and she's also creator of the Great Scavenger Hunt that is getting a lot of press(which reminds me, I have to finish my questionnaire for when it's my turn). She's a good person to have on your side. Go check it out.

DATE CHANGE!!! A while back, I got the impression that Dirty Little Secrets was coming out in April. NOT TRUE! It is actually going to be out February 2nd (if you can believe Amazon) or sometime in February (according to my editor). I finally changed the dates on the blog and on the website, but make a note on your hand for later. Guess I'd better get on it.

On this date: In 1977, the Police played their first gig.


Julie_c said...

February 2nd! Holy Frijoles! That's just around the corner - clap, clap, clap!

Kay Cassidy said...

Aww... you're so nice! You're the one who deserves a shout-out for being generous enough to share your Nine Points approach (which was a big hit with Teen Author Challenge participants, btw!). You rock, Cyn. :-)