Thursday, November 6, 2008

MT Anderson

Last evening, J and I drove into San Francisco to see him speak at Not Your Mother's Book Club (although as I was there, for J it actually WAS Your Mother's Book Club - but I digress):

He was great and very friendly. J had tried to read the first volume of Octavian Nothing, but it can be slow going for a sixth grader, so he read Burger Wuss instead. Mr. Anderson read the first chapter of Octavian to the group and I saw J's eyes light up. He leaned over to me and said: "Wow, it makes so much more sense when he reads it out loud".

As we got him to sign this:

Mr. Anderson graciously agreed to come to our house at book time and read this out loud chapter by chapter. Just a reminder in case he's checking this blog - book time is at 8:15 sharp. Jammies are recommended, and hot vanilla will be served if you're good.

On this date: In 1860, Abraham Lincoln is elected President.

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Angela said...

Sounds like you had so much fun & so did J!