Friday, February 29, 2008

Babies of All Shapes and Sizes

Yesterday I got a special delivery - four of the pages from my picture book that will come out (hopefully) sometime next year. It feels like I've been pregnant for years with this book, but when I pulled the pages out of the envelope, I had an unexpected reaction. I was happy and giddy and excited and then....I freaked out a little and had to put them away. I've taken them out to look at them several times today and I really do like the art a lot and the pages are soooo beautiful. It was more the shock of seeing ideas that have up until now only existed in my head down in full color on a piece of paper. It is so much more real now, it's almost scary. My artist is Randy DuBurke and you can tell he's put so much thought, research and craft into every painting. Holding the entire book in my hands will probably put me into a catatonic state.

In other birthday news...eight years ago tomorrow my youngest was born (he missed being a February 29th baby by mere hours). It was one of those not-even-a-Tylenol kind of births (not by choice) and one thing I remember vividly is wanting an apple fritter more than anything else when it was all over. Now, it's not like I eat these things all the time. Up until then, I'd probably only had a couple in my whole life, but apple fritters it was, and apple fritters is what I got. T must have figured this out somehow, because now every birthday he wants me to bring donuts for his class. And, every year when I go and get donuts, I buy an apple fritter for myself and eat the whole thing, thinking about that day eight years ago when a little blonde bombshell came into this world.

Today was donut day at school, and eight years have gone by so fast that I'm feeling a little melancholy. And a little bloated.

On this date: In 1972, Hank Aaron signed a record-breaking deal with the Atlanta Braves.

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mrspilkington said...

Hope it was a lovely birthday day today!

Enjoy those gorgeous-sounding pages...and perhaps another apple fritter? :-)