Thursday, January 24, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

I've discovered something that is frustrating and annoying: Books do not write themselves. I know. I too was amazed when I found this out. I even tried experimenting with this theory, leaving the file alone in my laptop for days - even a week once, and nothing happened while I was gone. Nobody moved, nobody spoke...I don't think anyone even breathed in my absence. I gave everyone such a great start - I was sort of expecting them all to pick it up and run with it. I was hoping to find entire chapters wrapped up, climaxes reached and problems solved, all in utterly astounding prose that would make an editor weep. Instead, I'm faced with a blinking cursor that is at the end of the last word that I wrote. I'm flummoxed to say the least.

On this date: In 1961, Marilyn Monroe divorced Arthur Miller.

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