Thursday, January 31, 2008

Go Team!

Now that T is taking circus classes twice a week, I'm trying to use that time as a solid hour and a half of writing. Good in theory, especially on Fridays when I can sit and focus in the big, cold, drafty gym. But Tuesdays are tough. On Tuesdays, Cheer SF practices in the same big, cold, drafty gym and they are so rockin' cool that I have trouble just sitting there and staring at my laptop.

Cheer SF is a Bay Area LGBT cheerleading group and they work their tushes off for three hours every Tuesday doing some amazing stuff - lets just say it's a good thing that the ceilings are really, really high. Maybe my next book will be the story of a gay cheerleader whose performance is sabotaged by a bad basket catch - was it an accident or was it cruel competition?


On this date: In 1949 the first daytime soap debuted.

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