Monday, February 23, 2009

What's in a Name?

This is Steve Nash. Steve Nash is apparently a basketball player for the Phoenix Suns. This is not the Steve Nash who is a high-school character in my book Dirty Little Secrets. I am not a pro basketball fan, and just made up the name. Apparently, so did Mr. and Mrs. Nash. Thanks to J for catching it, and wondering why I had a basketball player show up in my book.

My 11 year old son is reading my book Dirty Little Secrets, which is a little weird for me. Nobody in the house reads my books - either the books are too old for them, or they've been burned by reading a version that changed dramatically after they read it. J asked to read DLS, so I gave him the copy that my editor had sent over with the little pencil marks all over it. It hasn't changed that much, and I told him where the new scenes were.

The funny thing was, the first night he came out of his room with wonder in his eyes and said, "Mom, this doesn't stink! I really like it." Imagine that! I might actually be good at something - who knew (only my agent and my editor, but apparently they don't carry weight with 11 year old boys)? I'm really glad he's reading it, because he's caught a few other things that needed changing. Not only did he point out the Steve Nash dilemma (who has since been renamed - my character that is, not the pro basketball player), he also said the band name that my boy-character plays in sounded "too girly". Duly noted and changed.

Proving once again that the more eyes on your MS the better.

On this date: In 1978, Fleetwood Mac wins the Grammy for Rumors (I loved that album!).


Anonymous said...

Been burned several times by reading a version that has changed dramatically. Thought I was reading a new book. Waiting for the final.
I'm exited by J's enthusiasm.

Natalie said...

Add me to the list of those who know you're good at this whole writing thing. :-)