Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'd Like to Thank...

Ah, the humble acknowledgments page. Truth is, they kind of irritated me until I became a writer and now I find them fascinating. And now, it's come time to write my own and I'm terrified.

I've been poring over acknowledgments pages of writers I really like - basically seeing what the cool kids do. Who do they thank? In what order? Who got left out and are they still friends with them? It's a little like forgetting to thank your husband at your Oscar acceptance speech in that it's in print forever and if you screw up it's for eternity.

I know for a fact I'm going to thank my family (natch) and my critique partners. Agent E is a given because without her it would still just be a file on my laptop. I also want to thank my very first mentor, a well-established kidlit writer who should have laughed at my early feeble attempts but was supportive instead. I need to thank those great people at Children of Hoarders who helped with the details (maybe I should ask them first?)and my Asilomar roomate who tossed ideas back and forth into the wee hours. Then there's my editor and all of the people I haven't met yet - particularly if this thing takes off. The publicist and copyeditor (who, I'm afraid, has a lot of work ahead of him/her)will play a large role down the line. Ack!

Let it be said now, if I leave someone out - I didn't mean it!

On this date: In 1950, Disney's Cinderella opened.

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Just copy/paste this post - it's perfect. ;-)