Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Outta My Head

Yesterday afternoon I was in a real funk-emotional and a little weepy tinged with unexplained excitement. I swear I could not figure out what was wrong. And then, as I was walking to pick up T from school, I figured it out and it was all my main character's fault.

Between Thanksgiving and now 'conference scheduling' (which means 1 week of short days and lots more bonding time with my son and his friends) I haven't been able to work on my manuscript the way I usually do. Most days, if I'm writing fiction, I like to ease into it like a hot tub on a winter's day...check out my writing buddies' blogs, read over a few chapters before I actually get down to business. With all of the craziness and only a few hours to work every day I've had to dive right in.

Yesterday, I dove into my favorite part - the last few chapters. That has a 'first kiss' scene (yes, there is romance in a hoarding book) that still leaves me all tingly and an ending where I'm cranking up the emotion by a lot. I really got into the smell and feel of the scenes and it left me a little spent. As I walked up to school, I realized that I was feeling all of the emotions that my main character was feeling and that she was totally in my head.

Weepy or not, that's a good thing, right?

On this date: In 1967, the first human heart transplant.

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