Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Only 70 More Days To Go

So I did manage to write a new first chapter for the YA (and a pretty good one I think) and it's off to Agent E and then to a couple of people who wanted a looksee. But that's not the biggest accomplishment this week. Nope. We've survived 3 days of summer vacation. Nobody has gotten injured (although I was tempted several times) and the house is still standing. I've come up with a plan: divide and conquer.

If the boys are together and there is no activity planned for the day, they will hassle each other until one starts crying or hitting depending. Many of my other mom friends understand this, so we're starting to work out a system of swapping kids - you give me one of yours and I'll give you one of mine. They're not related, so they play nicely and I might even manage to get some work done.

I try to tell them about my summer vacations where my mom worked all day as a nurse and we were left to fend for ourselves. There were no outings to play minigolf on a daily basis, no trips to the arcade. We weren't supposed to watch TV, but I do distinctly remember all of the neighborhood kids gathering at noon to watch Twilight Zone followed by Speed Racer, so I think we didn't listen to that particular rule. Anyway, this lecture seems to fall right with the one about walking two miles to school each way starting with kindergarten. They just don't care. And they want to go play minigolf.

On this date: In 1885, the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York.

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