Thursday, June 5, 2008


Lots of author people I know (and lots that I don't know) have been blogging about going to BEA in LA this past week (I could write this whole blog with acronyms - I brought my MG with the PC MC to the BEA in LA). BEA - or the Book Expo of America - is the book world's answer to that big RV show they have at the fairgrounds, only bigger and more fabulous. Big-time authors get to go and crash parties, sign books and get wined and dined by their agents and publishers. Free books and gift bags and temporary tattoos, oh my!

I've loved seeing all the photos and hearing about all the fun. Am I jealous? Um...yeah. But I know that these folks weren't just plucked out of nowhere and set down in front of a big blue curtain signing books. They worked darn hard to get where they are, so I just keep telling myself that these are the dues paying years. Oh yeah. When I finally get to go, I'm crashing the biggest, baddest party they've got.

On this date: In 1968, Robert F. Kennedy is shot.

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Miss Awesome said...

Me too!!!

Someday soon.