Thursday, January 6, 2011

The LitChicks - Beauty Rules by Bobbi Brown

Yes, it's LitChicks time again! Leisl asked last week if she could review an unusual book and I was in a good mood, so I said sure. Even if it's not YA, I love to see what the most voracious readers I know are thinking and reading.

Leisl's pick this week?

BEAUTY RULES by Bobbi Brown

This was the only book on my Christmas list this year and I was thrilled to open it! I was anxious to read it and after all the fun family festivities I grabbed a blanket and got reading. This was a fantastic book! I absolutely loved it. This wasn't a novel and I wouldn't characterize it as a self help's more of a guide to self love and fun beauty tricks/tips. I would advise it for all girls who love makeup or just want a good book to read. The thing I loved about Bobbi was that her main makeup philosophy wasn't covering up imperfections or hiding the things you don't necessarily like about yourself, it was highlighting the things you do love and "lovingly minimizing flaws."I liked that in all the before and after pictures throughout the book in all the captions she had something really nice and genuine to say about each girl. She would complement their skin or eyes…anything, and then she would show them how to highlight it with fun makeup. I learned that you should either have dramatic eye makeup or lips but not both. As a blue eyed mascara makes my eyes "pop" and that there is more than just physical appearance to being beautiful.

On this date: In 1994, skater Nancy Kerrigan was attacked in Knee-Gate.

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