Friday, September 10, 2010


Despite a new school year, homework, music and extracurriculars, the LitChicks came through for us again this week. All I had was a final final revision on the new paranormal romance, and sadly...I did not.

Just a tiny bit late, I give you...the Lit Chicks and their recommendations this week:

Liesl’s Choice this Week:

EVERMORE by Alyson Noel

This book is about a girl named Ever, whose family dies in a car crash on their way home from picking her up from cheer camp and she blames herself. Through a very complicated chain of events she ends up with psychic powers. She doesn’t like being known as the "freak" and so she wears a hoodie and listens to her iPod really loud to drown out the noises of peoples thoughts. She meets this super hot new guy named Damen who seems interested in her but no one seems to understand why. Damen makes her feel normal and they become a couple. Ever likes him but he has weird habits and she gets suspicious and kinda freaks out that he’s cheating and stuff.

Damen ends up being immortal and is being distant to protect her from this lady Drina who was Damen’s wife in a past life but he left her to be with Ever. With a lot of adventure, drama, and romance it ends happy and the sequel is also good! This book I liked because it had a mix of genres and was a gripping story! I liked the little bit of history woven in, and i really don't like historical fiction. It was perfect if you like the immortal type stuff.

Go read pronto!!! You can even borrow ours...if Portia lets you!

Portia’s Pick Today:


There's a teacher at my school names Ms.Turner who is very up-to-date on the latest and great YA books. She works in a book store during the summer months or something, but she gets all the newest releases and has all the sequels and everything! And she's so great about lending her books out with no second thought. She's a great resource to take advantage of.

One day she had a bunch of bins of books outside her classroom up for grabs. While rifling through, I found A COUNTESS BELOW STAIRS, which has been a really good book. It was one of the only promising books in the bin, to be frank, but it proved to be excellent.

A COUNTESS BELOW STAIRS is about a Russian countess after the Russian revolution who lost her father and all possessions fleeing to England with her mother and governess. Having lost everything, Anna takes a job as a temporary servant at Mercham, preparing the house for the returning Count. During her weeks of work, she comes to love Mercham and her fellow servants. When the Count returns, she slowly finds herself falling in love with him, and him with her, but Count Rupert has a cruel fiancée waiting in the wings, and there's nothing either of them can do.

This was a really cute love story. The fiancée Muriel was horrifying, and you find yourself appreciating the history while in despair over Anna's inner struggle. I recommend it to all! It's a good historical fiction and very interesting. Not boring. :)

On this date: In 1997, Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana is released.

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