Monday, September 20, 2010

Dueling Blogposts

OMG, so funny! Thanks to my writer bud/emotional yardstick Daisy Whitney for this.

First, we have a blog post by Douglas Martin on 20 reasons to date a writer. All of them adorable and almost none of them true, at least in my life.

Then the insanely hilarious blog-answer from agrammer. My favorite answer is number 2:
Writers will romance you with words. We probably won’t. We write for ourselves or for money and by the time we’re done we’re sick of it. If we have to write you something there’s a good chance it’ll take us two days and we’ll be really snippy and grumpy about the process.

Haha! Just because we can, doesn't mean we will. Reminds me of one summer when I was home from college and cleaning houses for a living. Mom (an ER nurse) asked me once why I didn't just tackle our kitchen in my spare time and my answer to her was something along the lines of I didn't ask her to stitch me up in her spare time so don't ask me to clean anything in mine.

On this date: In 1975, the Bay City Rollers make their US debut.

What was that? Did I just do an entire blog post by cross posting other people's blogs? Why, yes. Yes I did. It's a busy week.

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