Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a Week!

It has been a wonderful week of meeting amazing readers and writers. Getting out and actually talking to people who have enjoyed the book reminds me why we get into this crazy business in the first place.

Last Tuesday, I met with 15 high school students at our local library to help them with writing a graphic novel memoir. I taught them how to use my favorite 9 Point Plot process (click the link on the right side of this blog if you want to see what that is all about) using THE CAT IN THE HAT as the example.

It worked surprisingly well and the kids were great. I'm hoping to go back and help them again when they are further along in their writing this summer.

On Saturday, I went to the SCBWI meeting here in Northern California to talk about the writing journey with friend and fellow author Heidi Kling.

I got to meet a lot of wonderful writers, including blogger Samantha Hagar who wrote up a wonderful post on her blog about the event (and took a darn nice photo). No, I didn't pay her to say such nice things, but maybe I should start.

Last night, I was invited to a mother/daughter book club (oh, how I love book clubs) in Oakland. Unfortunately I always forget to take my camera and I'm not techie enough to figure out how to get photos off my phone, so there are no pictures. Not only did Dana, Emily, Celia and Mia (and their moms) read the book and ask amazing questions, but we had ribs, corn on the cob and carmel apples to celebrate Dana getting her braces off that day. Any book club with awesome food is okay by me. The kids requested no more vampire books (I'll see what I can do) and the moms requested that not all parents in YA be dead/abusive/absent. Again, I'm working on that. I have made a conscious effort not to kill off any parents in my next book. Can't promise anything for the book after that.

On this date: In 1613, the original Globe theater burned down.


Samantha Hagar said...

Aw, see now I'm the one saying aw! Thanks Cynthia. It was a blast meeting you as well and hearing you and Heidi talk.

Julie_c said...

Good luck with the parent thing. The sad truth is that if the (character) parents are very involved with the (character) kids' lives - they usually don't have the opportunity to have their adventures.

I.E.: Sally opened her window, ready to dive through the time portal and save the Dragon's Land, when her mom walked in. "Hi honey - I just made you some cookies. I thought we could snack while working on your math homework." Sally closed the window and scored an A on her math final, but the Dragon's Land was scorched and Lothar the Green One was never heard from again.


That said - maybe awesomely attentive parents would be a fun extra challenge for a hero/heroine to have to deal with.

Sounds like you had a ton of fun this week!