Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hoarders Season 1 Update Show

On Monday, Hoarders on A&E ran what everyone on the boards was clamoring for - an update show. While there were some success stories with the first three participants, most of it was as I suspected: pretty much the same. Hoarding is such a difficult thing to get a handle on, much less 'cure' that the most depressing part of any hoarding story is that it can rarely be fixed.

That said, the very last segment was on Jake from Northern California (right near me). I totally felt for this kid when the episode first aired, and the update left me cheering. The fact that he is writing a memoir and wants to be a writer is fantastic. Go Jake!

You can view the entire episode online at the Hoarder's website.

On this date: In 1956 Rock and Roll was banned in Santa Cruz, CA.


Shelli (srjohannes) said...

this show is amazing - i dont see how people livelike that but can see why they try to bury their sadness.

Lindsey Leavitt said...

I spoke with a friend yesterday who bought your book after I mentioned it on my blog. Her mother is a hoarder, although she didn't know there was "a title" until she read DLS. Anyway, she said it was a good catharsis for her, and she thought you "handled it just right"
Passing that on.

cynjay said...

Thanks Shelli - the psychology of it is amazing.

Linds - thanks so much for passing that along. It means so much to hear that from people who have been in that situation.