Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Win a Copy of Dirty Little Secrets

Want to read Dirty Little Secrets before everyone else? The publisher's ARCs are gone, but there is an ARC giveaway on Authors Now! that is running through December 8th. Just comment on the post and you can win an Advanced Reader's Copy for your very own!

New Book Word Count: 8,061
Line of the Day: According to their plan, I'd be at Julliard or at least the San Francisco Conservatory of Music by now instead of wasting my life by actually having one.

So how's the new book going? Pretty good - I lost a little bit of momentum over Thanksgiving, (I'm blaming the tryptophan), but now I'm on a roll and the scenes are coming faster than I can find time to type them. Still title-less, but I'm getting a lot more firm on the main character names. Thank goodness for Google - I needed to see what was on a bus route in San Francisco and Google maps let me see the whole way at street level. Don't know what I'd do without the Internet - I'd have to actually go there!

I'll keep ya posted.

On this date: In 1955, Rosa Parks ignited the Montgomery bus boycott.

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