Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Word Count: 20,085
Line of the day: It's not about coincidence. It's about leaving yourself open to possibility. (Okay, I cheated, that was two.)
Google searches: Average life span in 1400 & the trailer for Harold and Maude

Whew! I'm up to 20k on the new book. I don't know why that is such a big deal for me, but it's always a big landmark. Sort of like this is going to be an actual book and not just a jumble of ideas that aren't going anywhere. Still does not have a title, but it is going really well and I'm having a blast writing it. Agent E has the first several chapters so we'll have to see if she likes it as much as I do.

Starting to make travel plans for 2010. Until Dirty Little Secrets comes out, I won't know how much people will care where I am, but here it goes. In February, I'm going to Monterey to the wonderful and amazing Asilomar writer's conference - totally can't wait! Then in the beginning of April, I'm going to be in New York and at the end of April in Chicago for the annual Agent E. client retreat. I've never been to Chicago so I'm particularly excited about that one. Plus, Agent E rocks and I haven't seen her for awhile. In August, I'm going to go to the annual SCBWI National conference in LA - I've never been to one of the nationals so this should be quite a trip. If you're anywhere near any of these places, let me know and we can have coffee or something. Bring a book and I'll even sign it for you!

On this date: In 1775, Jane Austen was born.


Julie_c said...

My goodness - you busy bee! Good for you for getting yourself out there. My agent doesn't do retreats. But it suits me fine because I don't like to go anywhere. :) What do you do on your retreats???

Angela said...

congrats at reaching 20K - you have exciting plans for 2010.
Maybe I'll see you in LA?

Shelli said...

i love that your agent has retreats for clients - how fun!

cynjay said...

My agent is really cool. I haven't been to one before, but apparently you just meet in the morning and talk about writer stuff and then hang around, sightsee, write, etc for the rest of the day.

Angela - yes to LA! Finally!