Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laptop Confessional

I've done all the procrastinating I can do and still look at myself in the mirror. I have several notebook pages full of notes on the Tudors, the Tower of London and philosophy by Edgar Cayce. I have a printed map of the Tower of London with little Xs by things that are important to the story, several snapshots of the graffiti that is in the Beauchamp Tower and recently spent 15 minutes watching a home movie of a Tower of London tour (I've been there, but it's been almost 10 years - thanks YouTube). I also have one fairly good character sketch for my MC (main character), and not much of one for anyone else. I know where the book is going to start, a few scenes in my head along the way and a vague idea of how it is going to end. I have the MC's name (Cassandra, Cass to her friends), the name of another important character (Darius) and pretty much nobody else. The book is either going to be mainly set in San Francisco or Santa Barbara-I'll know for sure when it's time.

What I don't have is a title. Or a detailed outline. But that's okay - that's pretty much how things work around here. I often refer to the E.L. Doctorow quote at the way, way bottom of the blog - hopefully I can see enough to get by.

I'm about ready to put my first words into the freshly created computer file, and wanted to invite anyone along who is interested in how the process works. I've had several people ask me how a book gets from vague idea to printed up book - now's the chance for us to find out together. As you've no doubt seen if you've kept up with the blog, there can be some false starts when it comes to new book, but this one doesn't feel that way. It feels like an amazing story that is waiting to be uncovered with some great characters and unique elements.

If you'd rather keep the mystery of how books get written, then step away from the blog and don't mind that man behind the curtain.


On this date: In 1558, the Elizabethan Age begins (kismet or what?).


Mad's mom said...

I'm already on the edge of my seat waiting for this one!

No pressure.

BTW, can I be added to the bottom of the list to read DLS? Or I can wait until the release.

jennadol said...

This is a great idea for the blog and the bits you've teased with about the story are tantalizing. Good luck, Cyn!

cynjay said...

Thanks guys - I really wish I could tell everyone the details, as I love input, but putting the whole idea online isn't so smart.