Friday, November 20, 2009

Changing Names

Word Count: 4,473
Line of the Day:I pressed my handkerchief and small book into the waiting hands of my lady, whose silent weeping was escalating into what I feared would be a noisy crescendo.

So the book is coming along well, although it looks like it's going to be pretty long if I'm to judge by the first two chapters. A few people have mentioned that Dirty Little Secrets is short (I think the hardback is going to be 242 pages) so I guess that's not such a bad thing . As I was writing today, I realized how important the first glimpse of the love-interest is. Is he friendly or distant? Unattainable or kind of goofy? How you introduce him will set the tone for the relationship throughout the rest of the book. Apparently, first impressions do count.

I'm also considering some name changes. I totally forgot that the awesome debut book The Mark by cyber-friend and publisher-cousin Jen Nadol has a Cassie as the main character and Darius just isn't working for me. Not that you can't have the same name as another book, but it just feels a little too close. I do have a couple of other ideas, but I'm going to let the characters try them on for a chapter or two before I decide.

Even though Thanksgiving and the (ugh) holidays are coming up, I'm going to try to stick to the 1k per day schedule until it's done. I don't have to finish the whole thing before I send it to Agent E, just a few chapters and a synopsis, but I'd like to get a first draft done before DLS hits the streets at the end of January. If my math is right, it can be done ;)

The hubs got Indian food from my most favorite restaurant in the world and the smell of samosas is driving me nuts - time to eat!

On this date: In 1962, Jodie Foster was born.


Robin said...

I'm loving this. It's fascinating to watch your writing process. And as you know...I'm amazed by the voices in your head. :-)

Over 4,400 words!? You're cranking, lady!!!

jennadol said...

funny - I almost mentioned the name when I saw your first post on this. Not just my book, but so many current YAs have a Cassie. And yet, I don't know a single one irl (tho' SS website says its one of the 20 most popular names).

Julie_c said...

You go! Mush - mush!