Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dirty Little Teddy Bear

I am a member of the Tenners, a great group of authors who have debut YA novels out in 2010. One of our group, Jen Nadol (who wrote the awesome The Mark, which I'm going to review closer to the release date early next year) is organizing a give-away of Tenner "swag", meaning stuff that relates to the books. There will be a drawing once a month to win a big basket of cool stuff - I'll let everyone know when they go live so you can enter.

For my giveaway, I was on the fence about what to do. At first, I thought about some old National Geographics, but although it relates directly to the book, it wasn't very exciting. Instead, I chose this:

(I particularly love the little autographed "book" in his hand). A teddy bear figures prominently in Dirty Little Secrets - the one in the book is brown gingham, but this was a close second. I think he's quite handsome. I had a few left over, so I might have an ARC/swag drawing on the blog or Goodreads sometime soon. I'll let you know...

On this date: In 1929, the stock market crashed.


Julie_c said...

When you wrote Dirty Little Teddy Bear I thought it might be wearing black lingerie! :)

Kate at Read This Book! said...

Aww cute bear! =D