Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Changing Times

So I open a magazine this month and come across this ad for a coffee maker:

At first I passed it by, but then, in light of my blog post last week about why I don't live in Louisiana, I went back to it.

And then I realized: this is how the world is going to change. Nowhere in this ad is the race(s) of the family mentioned - they are just your average biracial family apparently arguing about what kind of coffee to have. Happens in my house all the time. It wasn't in Oprah or Essence (where AA families and the occasional biracial family are fairly common) but in Real Simple which makes it doubly interesting to me.

If I could afford it, I'd even go out and buy one of these coffee makers just to show my support.

On this date: In 1973 the Sydney Operahouse opens.


Julie_c said...

I think you're right, Cyn. And I imagine soon there will be same sex families, too.

It's nice to see.

Anonymous said...

The world is becoming multi-cultural. Those that try to stop it are living in a dream world.