Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On Air

Because we happen to be here (and because my mom is good at this promotion stuff), my mother got me my first radio interview here on a local Texas radio station. I've never done anything remotely like this before, so I have to say I was a little nervous (not to mention the fact that we were a little jet lagged at 8am) but it ended up being a great experience. I had a half hour of back and forth chat about writing and Six O'clock with Richard "The Ham", host of the morning show on KYOX FM, and then a few minutes on their AM sister station after that. I didn't swear (something I was a little worried about), I didn't say "um" or "you know" or even "like" and the kids said I didn't sound like an idiot, which is good enough for me.

It was really fun, and I'm looking forward to doing it again, now that I know I won't throw up when a microphone is placed in front of me.

On this date: In 1919, Iris Murdoch is born.

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Anonymous said...

This is frickin' awesome! You look like you do this for a living! Have you discovered a new side career???--Agent E.