Monday, July 20, 2009

New Book, New Website!

Don't adjust your monitors...this is the new look of CynJay. Today is a momentous day as it is the day that When It's Six O'clock in San Francisco is officially released and the day that my new website goes live! Look over on the right for the link to my website, or login to (or to see the fabulocity for yourselves. My designer, Madeira James did an amazing job and I can't recommend her services highly enough. You can find her at

Some of my favorite features are the webcams for the cities in Six O'clock under Resources (except Beijing and Lahore - there weren't any) - click on the one for San's interactive and you can really see a lot of the bridge and the marina. Soon, we're going to have a great teacher guide from my pal Cassandra (the webcams were her idea too - must give the proper shout-out) and watch the Events section for upcoming doings.

Let me know what you think - I'm pretty proud of it!

On this date: In 1987, my sis Jessica was born - happy birthday Jess!


lindsay Eland said...

I LOVE, love, love the website, Cynthia!

Shelli said...

whoa! I love it!!! good job! how exciting.

Robin said...

How exciting!