Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Little Insight in Unexpected Places

Ah, the end of the school year. Endless bags of work shlepped home for me to go through eventually, putting some in the 'keep' pile and more and more as they get older in the 'recycle' pile. I was going through my third-grader's bag today and came across this (spelling as is):

Things I Dislike:
racis people
sometimes my brother
dark chocolate
the Raders
mean substitutes
the war
not being able to fly
getting put down
animals dieing
getting teased
star testing
spoild dinner (?!?!)
being by myself
girly fairys

Definitely in the keep pile.

On this date: In 1777, Congress adopts the Stars and Stripes


Anonymous said...

that's cute : )

Candace said...

There are a lot of interesting things on that list, like racist people and the wars. But I have to disagree with him on the dark chocolate- dark chocolate is amazing! Although I do have to admit, I didn't like star testing either! My mom always made me do it.

Shelli said...

think goodness you were not on there. That would be my worse fear ;) so cute - you have to keep that for him.